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by The Outsider

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released July 14, 2016

All music written and performed by The Outsider
Vocals, whispers & spoken word performed by The Outsider
All lyrics by The Outsider

Produced by The Outsider & Rick Loera
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick Loera at his home studio
Orchestral arrangements by The Outsider

Additional guitar recordings on "The Invocation" by Rick Loera
Guest vocals on "The Invocation" by Nalle Påhlsson & Thomas Vikström
Guest vocals on "The Race that Failed" by Antony Hämäläinen
Guest solo on "Under the Pyramids" performed by Joey Concepcion
Guest vocals on "Carnage of the Gods" by Rick Loera

Cover Artwork by Belasse Inferno
Photo by Emmanuel Moreno "Flash" edited by Belasse Inferno



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Outsider
Call me
The Slayer of Gods
Call me
(The) Cosmic Executioner
Call me
The Darkest Assassin
Call me
The Slaughterer
Call me
The From Beyond Butcher
Call me
The Deities' Adversary
I come
From beyond all Stars
I am
The Outsider
Track Name: The Introduction
Don't try to say my name
Not in a dream not in a game
You'll fall into disgrace
And condemn your whole race

Don't seek for my hidden face
The highest price you'll pay
Death is the best choice when
I lead you astray

Don't invoke me to your place
You will deeply regret
Your spirit I will break
Absence of gods you'll face

Don't you dare to fight me back
Your existence may go black
There will be no safe place
If my power you embrace

A thousand eyes are watching
A hundred jaws predating
I devour the planets and suns
That eons ago I created
I'm the light and I'm darkness
I am life and death
I was there when everything started
I'll be there when everything ends

I crawl between the holes
And travel through the voids
From the blackest of stars
You will hear my deadly voice

The Root of all evil
The nemesis of the gods
The blackest of the hearts
I'm the most barbaric one
Track Name: The Invocation
When the deep dark night falls
Over these barren lands
Dead ones open their eyes
And putrid corpses dance

Macabre white moon shines
Ghastly stars scream the name
Of the one that shall not be called
A being that can't be tamed
Repugnant undead chant
Their ancient god they want
Aeonic wicked thirst
Of blackened human lives

The Horror! The Gore!
Comes across the darkest stars
From Pillars of Creation
Hearing this horrid mass

(They) Summon the end of our race
(They) Want us in eternal pain

From our decayed throats
We now invoke
With this evil chant
The slayer of
Gods, perish in pain
You'll fight in vain
The supreme beast
Makes you drown in
Fear, it's vile presence
Tortured reality
You wish you were dead
And rotting in
Hell, beyond hell
this beast comes to end
the whole human race and its remaining trace

No human knows its name
No book now holds its fame
It swallows light and life
It brings pain and death

Over these desert sands
This dance the dead will lead
They want to take this place
And see humanity bleed

The sky is black and clear
Dead stars are alienated
Behind the unseen galaxies
This atrocity they created

The cosmic gate is open
You can now run or stay
No matter what you do
Soon will come your final day
Track Name: Carnage of the Gods
Hear them falling
Angels falling from the sky
You can see it
See the fear in their eyes
Terrorized by them
By the old sinister ones
They make a carnage
Callous carnage of our gods
Heaven has been set on fire
And Hell has gone pitch black
Summoned in the desert sands
By a morbid putrid mass
They make deities bleed
They eat their holy insides
make demons scream in fear
the creator they despise
Predators seek destruction
bloodbath over our heads
Chaos they create and spread
(Their) existence is plagued with death

Blood rains from the blackened sky
Dim shadows come out of the void
A massive chant your hear
coming from behind the sun
Architects of damnation
enjoy beheading gods
Don't stay to see the slaughter
'Cause we are the next to burn
Track Name: My Grave
If you dig deep down my grave until you reach my corpse
You will find in my flesh the old key to other worlds
It will take you to a place
With no time and space
Where there is no life
and there is no death

You will find yourself beyond universe itself
Aeons away where ancient beings like to crawl
The colours you hear
The whispers you see
Everything you sense
Will drive you insane

See that all the nonsense letters I wrote were true
Read their names out loud and they'll come for you
And reality
Seems like insanity
Suffering and pleasure
Feel like the same here

Confined in this madhouse somewhere and nowhere
Surrounded by lunatics but always aware
Hopeless I am
Of getting out of here
But in my astral body
I know that I am free

My Grave, A Gate
My Body, a Void
Consume my Flesh
The Key runs through my veins

I was chosen by them while being in my sleep
They put a dreadful curse deep inside of me
And from that day
I'm not the same
But of the whole cosmos
(All the) knowledge I posses

If I close my eyes everything I can see
Everything that ever was and will ever be
I can see the past
How long we will last
I can see clearly when
Galaxies clash

Don't be afraid and come by my side
Witness with me when universes collide
It's not a nightmare
It's not a dream
Remove my headstone
(and) In horror you scream

Gruesome and offensive what you are gonna do
By my putrid being you will go through
A horrid feast
A monstrous meal
But when you open your eyes
You will be here
Track Name: The Race that Failed
I don't want to open my eyes
I know reality is now worse than any nightmare
Green has turned into gray
And I'm completely surrounded by death

There is wind but it suffocates you
When rain comes it totally burns you

No air I can breathe
Nothing I can eat
Survivor of this horrid cataclysm

In despair, suffocated
All our existence is wasted
Our greed, created
a place to be killed and cremated
My eyes, will see
The end of an era will be
God failed, and is crying
terrified as we are slowly dying
Suicide to end mourning
While he sees this earth is burning

Scattered corpses cover our land
Humanity has been dismembered
Surviving was a punishment
Thank God my days are numbered

When trying to sleep
I close my eyes and all I see
Is this repulsive landscape
And I feel the death behind me

There is light, it may incinerate you
Everything you see may annihilate you

We put the rope around our neck
And the bullet inside the gun
We poisoned ourselves
And blackened the sun
Strangled by our own hands
Trusted an incompetent God
Thinking salvation was real
We pulled the trigger and jumped
Track Name: Ancient Beast of the Apocalypse
Destroyer of the Earth
I summon you now
From the lair of the depths
(Of) the dark side of the universe
Ancient beast of the apocalypse
Let me ride you to command
The end of human race
And hear it scream in pain

Tormentor of life, you own the death, your name a grotesqueness that shall not be said
In the corner of cosmos you were born, in the shadows of creation you were forged
I teared apart the devil's left horn, the one that I shall blow to wake you up
I conquered hell to make you come, I shall feed you with the devil's flesh and bone

Devour the Sun
Dismember all gods
Rape Humanity
Death is your name!

Eater of the Gods
I Ride you now
Suffocate all life
Breath fear and despair
Lord of all the beasts
No light can harm your being
No dark is darker than you

Descendant of obscurity, genesis' darks side, to keep the balance you exist
Only you can trespass the limits of the known cosmos and exterminate races within the blink of an eye
I unveiled the books from the catacombs of my dreams and deciphered all those ancient codes
I rode myself to hell, turned my life into death, with the only purpose of waking you up

Devour the sun
Dismember all gods
Rape humanity
Death is your name!

Make universe bleed
Crack cosmos' wall
From beyond all depths
And live forever

Exterminate life
Merciless beast
Drink universe's blood
Last forever

Human race
In monumental pain
Your last breath!
I Rise!
And live forever
Track Name: The Worst comes at Night
In the kingdom of darkness
It suddenly comes
When everything's silent
From out of nowhere it comes

Where senses can fail
Inner emptiness prevails
All the demons awake
Those inside your head

Walls staring at you
Cries by your ears
How to tell if it's true
Or (if it's) the sum of your fears

The Worst Comes at Night
When you feel completely alone
When the voices in your head
Talk loud and strong

The Worst Comes at Night
When darkness swallows the sun
When madness takes control
And death takes its toll

No place is safe for your soul
No matter how far you can run
Suicide, legitimate choice
Once you've listened to the sound of that voice

Don't close your eyes
Your deepest fears may come to life
Your saneness demise
And lucidness doom

Those whispers you hear
Don't you try to understand
Their inhumane language
May be your end
Track Name: Under the Pyramids
Tied, severed and blinded
Merciless thrown to this archaic abyss
In the bottom of the bottomless pit I lie
I fear now for my life
The putrid and horrid scent
Is making me realize
I am in the entrails of earth
A cave stained with death

When I manage to uncover my eyes
Only darkness I can see
Sunlight seems like a myth
This is the worst place to be

Imprisoned with the pharaohs
Is the name of this morbid tale
I wish it was just a dream
But God! It was so real
My mind driven to horror
When I realized I was not alone
Steps from countless creatures
Down here I'm not the only one

Heard the march of ancient monstrosities
A hideous dark parade
God must be really cruel
When this beings he creates

Hard to believe that legion
Invoke their ancient god
older than earth and humanity
Will still breath when we are all gone

Blasphemous chantings were heard
Supreme horror came from hell
Fearful gods locked it down here
Now it crawls under the pyramids

You better run
as fast as you can
Reaching sunlight
Your only hope